Google Pixel 2xl Data Recovery – How to recover deleted data from Google Pixel 2XL

We all have the same experience that deleted our contacts, photos or other files by mistake while we were cleaning up data on mobile phones. Nevertheless, what tools can help us to find the deleted data back? Now, let us focus on how to recover deleted data from Google Pixel 2XL.

Google Pixel 2XL has lots of outstanding performances including remarkable camera, excellent battery and infinite storage for photos and videos. That excellent performance attracts many attentions after launch. Whereas, a good phone will also have the situation of missing data accidentally. Therefore, there is an Android data recovery software called FoneLab Android Data Recovery that I can recommend you to help you find those precious missing data on Google Pixel 2XL.

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The Android data recovery software is a useful tool which can help you to scan all of your important files in advance like photos, contacts, videos, call logs, attachments, messages on your Google Pixel 2XL. The program has free and paid versions. If you would like to preview them, it’s free. nonetheless, If you want to find the deleted data back, you must purchase a full version. What’s more, the software is very easy for Google Pixel 2XL user. It will not alter any of your original data and it’s also extremely safe to use it for retrieving your deleted data.

The steps of restoring deleted data onto your Google Pixel 2XL

Step 1: First, you have to download and install the FoneLab Android Data Recovery program on your computer. Then launch it. After that, Use an USB cable to connect your Google Pixel 2 xl to the computer.

Step 2: Your phone screen will show up a request to inquire you that whether allows computers to access your files on Google Pixel 2 xl. Then you have to choose to allow USB debugging mode. After finished that, your data of Google Pixel 2 xl can be detected by this program and stored in a directory on your computer.

Step 3: Then you will find out Contacts, Messages, Call logs, Gallery, Picture Library, Videos, Audio, and Documents are recoverable data. You can select what important data you would like to store, then the program will scan them. After that, Click Next to go on.

Step 4: It is an extremely important step that requires your phone to be rooted. Otherwise, the program will automatically install another program to help you root it. Then tap Grant when the permission request comes out on your Google Pixel 2 xl screen. If there is no response, click Retry.

Step 5: The scanning result will be classified in order on your computer. If you want to retrieve your missing data on Google Pixel 2 xl, click catalog on the left pane so that you can look over those missing data in thumbnail size. But If you want to look over its full size and download them, you need to double click it under the registered version. Thereafter those missing data will show up on your computer. These important data will be back to your Google Pixel 2 xl with Using an USB cable.

android-recovery-for-mac android recovery for win


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