How to Recover Deleted Videos From Android

In our daily life, Android phones are increasingly playing an important role. What’s more, the Internal storage space of Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy phones, is expanding to 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G, even 128G which means that people can store more and more videos, movies, TV series, audio or larger media files for entertaining in their leisure time. However, it, of course, will bring some inconvenience or even upset if you lose your videos files by mistake on your Samsung Galaxy

No need to be upset and take a deep breath. Here I am glad to tell you that you are still able to recover deleted videos files from Android Samsung galaxy phone as long as you install a powerful and safe app on your computer. The app I mentioned just now is Android Data Recovery software.

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Android Data Recovery software can find lost videos and films with ease and retrieve items found in SD card and internal memory. In addition, Android Data Recovery software will help you restore your favorite collections of videos, songs, music, Live shows and so on from your Samsung Galaxy phone. Besides, Android Data Recovery software will not modify the original files in your Samsung Galaxy phones. Most importantly, Android Data Recovery software also will help you recover Android files from both internal and external memory of your Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet.

If you want to know more details about how to recover digital media files including videos and audio, please download the free trial version of this Android data recovery software. Recovery can be completed with several clicks by the activating full version. Within a few minutes, you can get back lost video files from your Samsung Galaxy phone. Now, let’s follow below steps to recover the deleted videos from Samsung galaxy phone.

Step by Step:  Recover Deleted Videos on Android

Step 1. Connect Samsung Galaxy to your Computer
Please stop operating on your Samsung Galaxy phone once video data loss happened. Run the Android Data Recovery software on your computer and get your Android device connected through USB data cord.

Step 2. Select Data Types to Scan
Please select files types to scan when your Samsung phone is recognized and connected to the computer successfully. Then choose “Videos” and check “Next” to retrieve deleted videos on Samsung galaxy phone.

Step 3. Allow Android Data Recovery Software to Scan your Samsung Galaxy Phone
After finishing the last step, you are supposed to give Android Data Recovery software privilege to can scan your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Step 4. Retrieve Deleted Videos on Samsung Galaxy
While the Android Data Recovery software is scanning your Samsung Galaxy for deleted videos, please do not break it off. Check “Videos” at the left pane when the procedure is over. Then mark items you want and click the “Videos” button. Finally, the Android data recovery software will recover the deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy.

It takes some time to recover the deleted video files. But it depends on the size of your files. And you should know that your videos may be overwritten for some reasons so that the program will fail to regain the complete clip. Therefore, remember immediately recover your Samsung data with Android Data Recovery software once you find your data lose.

Well, that’s all. It is very easy to recover your videos from Android phone by following above steps, isn’t it? Contact us if you still have any question.

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