How to Recover Music/Songs Files from Android

I am a big fan for Taylor Swift who is one of the most famous singers all over the world. And I always downloaded all her songs every time she released her new songs. Thus there are a lot of songs, which are the most precious wealth that I have. However, nightmare happened without preparation that my brother deleted my all music that I haven’t created a backup yet while he was playing with my Android phone. I blame on myself forgetting to make backup of the deleted music before giving my Android phone to my brother for playing.

Actually, I believe, in our daily life, most of you sometimes may make the same mistake to delete some favorite music songs from your computer, Android phones or tablets. It is a pity that you accidentally deleted your favorite music songs from your Android phone and not any copy saved on your computer. Nonetheless, I am very glad to tell it is possible to get your music songs. In fact, the music clip will not be lost immediately right after you deleted them from your Android phone. Next, I will introduce a perfect and useful Android data recovery software to all of you. With this Android data recovery software, you can get back deleted or even formatted music files from your android phone.


Before I am going to tell how to recover your favorite music songs, it is necessary for you to know that there is still some chance it can’t help you to retrieve deleted or formatted music songs files from your android phone. For instance, the music files you deleted may have been overwritten by new files, or the deleted music files may be damaged. Therefore, for higher success rate, you should act quickly when you find the music songs loss. Long story short, you now download the android music data recovery software to your computer and I am going to tell you how to recover the music songs files from your android phone step by step.

Step 1. Connect your Android Phone to Computer
Please connect your android phone through USB data cord. After successfully running the Android music data recovery software on your computer and connecting your android phone, you will see a screen like this:

Step 2. Turn on Android USB Debugging
To enable USB debugging on your device according to the Android Data Recovery tool. Different Android versions are different in this. What you need to do is to follow the tips from the android data recovery software. If you want more specific instructions, you can check out this guide:How to enable USB debugging on Android phones?

Step 3. Select Music or Songs files to scan
After the last step, you need to choose the file types you want. Many of the Android data recovery software can help you retrieve from your android phone, please select only music to recover in order to save your time.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Music on Android
After completing the scanning process, all the found files will be displayed in the scanning result screen. You can select any songs to retrieve or select and retrieve all music files. Then you can extract the music files from your android phone to your computer. What’s more, you also can select those existing music songs files on your android phone and transfer them to computer for backup while recovering the lost music.

Done! That is all I would like to talk to you today. With this useful Android Data Recovery software, you are able to recover your deleted music files from your android phone. Most importantly, you had better do backup now and then. If you still have any question about it, please do not hesitate to contact us by leaving your comments.


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