How to Recover Pictures from Broken Samsung Galaxy s6

Do you have the same experience? Your Samsung Galaxy s6 was broken fortuitously. Before you plan to take it to the repair store, you need to store some of your important data like precious pictures. Nonetheless, the problem is your phone screen is completely unresponsive and you can’t transfer your data to the computer or another phone. Therefore, I will elaborate a way to recover your pictures from Broken Samsung Galaxy s6 here.

Samsung Galaxy s6’ screen is a critical part that affects the use of your phone. When the screen was broken, you must not only distress your expensive phone but also upset your cherished memory may be gone. Fortunately, no matter your Samsung Galaxy s6’s screen is smashed but still responding or it is totally black screen, this article will help you deal with this problem.

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There is a credible and valid broken Android data recovery Software called  Broken Android Phone Data Extraction which I would like to recommend you. It is specially designed for restoring and recovering files from broken Android device. The files including photos, messages, message attachments, contacts, call logs, videos, WhatsApp, audio, documents and so on are all recoverable. The program is also able to figure out the problem of the abnormal Android operating system. Problems like black screen, frozen and so on can be fixed by it.

Let’s see how the software can recover pictures from broken Samsung Galaxy s6.

Step 1: First, you need to download and install the program on your PC, connecting with your Samsung Galaxy s6. Then the program will launch it automatically. After that, you will find out the Broken Android Phone Data Extraction in the interface and you have to click it.

recovery data from broken android phone winrecovery data from broken android phone-mac


Step 2: Second, you need to use a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy s6 to the computer. If your Samsung Galaxy s6’ screen is broken or non-responsible which results in you can’t enter PIN or touch the screen, you have to click Start. Or else, click Fix Device.

Step 3: You must ensure that you choose the correct device name is Samsung Galaxy and correct device model is S6. After that click Confirm to move on.

Step 4: It is an important step that will lead your Samsung phone to enter Download mode. Follow the on-screen instruction to enter.

Step 5: You can select Gallery and Picture Library on the left column that you would like to store, then the program will scan them from your Samsung Galaxy s6. After that, click Next to move on.

Step 6: Last, you can mark those pictures you would like to recover in the interface and click Recover to download them onto your PC.

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