SMS Recovery Android-How to Recovery SMS from Android

In modern life, people get used to using their mobile phone frequently. They use their mobile phones to surf the Internet, search for information, purchase goods and chat on social software and so on. These huge amounts of data are converged on a small phone. With the mobile phone, we can stop memorizing so much information. All we need to do is to turn on our mobile phone and look for the information we would like to find. Just because of the explosion of information, we are inundated with it. But we have to admit, the convenience brought by mobile phones is unexpected for us.

So, here is a problem. With such a huge database, how do we keep it? We all have the same experience that when we using our phones we might delete our data or format files by accident. The situation is not unusual, so how do we solve this type of problem? Now let me elaborate how to recover SMS from android phone.

When we delete an SMS from our Android phone, we might think the SMS has gone, it can’t back anymore. Instead, the deleted SMS just changes the space to restore, and the new data will overwrite the deleted one and occupy the space in your Android phone.

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In order to recover deleted SMS from your Android phone, the first and most important thing you need to do is turn off wireless/mobile data on your Android phone and do not download files or install apps. This is due to the new install or download information may cover the recently deleted SMS so that you can’t find the historical operation record.

Step By Step: to Recovery SMS from Android

There is a useful software named Android Data Recovery which can help you recover deleted SMS on Android phone memory conveniently. The software is available on many Android models including Samsung, HTC, HUAWEI, Xiaomi. The operation is also very easy, just connect your phone to a computer and follow the instruction below, then your deleted SMS will come back.

Step 1: First of all, you need to free download Android Data Recovery on your computer.
After installed it successfully, the software will launch it automatically. Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to the computer. Make sure that you choose the proper model of your Android phone.

Step 2: After you have completed the above steps. Your phone screen will show up a request to inquire you that whether allows computers to access your files on the Android phone.
Then you have to choose to allow USB debugging mode so that the software can detect the SMS on your phone immediately. Or else, you have to follow the on-screen instruction to open it. After that, click OK button to confer the connection.

Step 3: Once the computer and the phone are connected, the program will show different kinds of data from your Android phone on the interface. You can choose SMS from Android. Then click Next to move on.

Step 4: It is an extremely important step that the software needs to get the privilege to access deleted SMS data. It will show up a  window on your phone screen asking for your permission. Just tap allow then move on. If there is no response, follow the instruction on the computer and click Retry to try again. Then the software will begin to scan your deleted SMS.

Step 5: The scanning result will be classified in order on your computer. You can preview your SMS. Select which ones you need, then click Recover to save them to the computer.

That’s all steps of recovering SMS from Android. I sincerely hope it can help you.

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